Static Equilibrium
Experiment of static Equilibrium: The net forces on both `x` component and `y` component are 0 `sumF_x = F_1cosθ_1 - F_2cosθ_2 =0` `sumF_y = F_1sinθ_1 + F_2sinθ_2-mg=0` Key Tasks: 1. Measure two Force `F_1` and `F_2` 2. Measure the angle between horizontal line and two forces. 3. Calculate `F_1cosθ_1` and `F_2cosθ_2`, (Theoretically, `F_1cosθ_1= F_2cosθ_2`) 4. Calculate `F_1sinθ_1` and `F_2sinθ_2`, (Theoretically, `F_1sinθ_1+ F_2sinθ_2 = mg`)

Density Experiment
How to find the density of a Dime and a washer? Equation: `ρ=m/v` Key Tasks: 1. Read correct Measurement Number. 2. Check significant figures. 3. Calculate errors Reference: Density of Iron: `7.874\ g//cm^3` Density of Nickel: `8.9\ g//cm^3`