1. The position versus time for a certain particle moving along the x axis is shown in Figure P2.1. Find the average velocity in the time intervals (a) 0 to 2s, (b) 0 to 4s, (c) 2s to 4s, (d) 4s to 7s, (e) 0 to 8s.

average velocity: `V_a = (∆x)/(∆t)`
(a) `5.0 m//s` (a) `1.3 m//s` (a) `-2.5 m//s` (a) `-3.3 m//s` (a) `0 m//s`
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Known: `V_a = (∆x)/(∆t)` (a) `x`: `0m to 10m` and `t`: `0s to 2s` `V_a = (10m-0m)/(2s-0s) = 5.0 m//s ` (b) `x`: `0m to 5m` and `t`: `0s to 4s` `V_a = (5m-0m)/(4s-0s) = 1.3 m//s ` (c) `x`: `10m to 5m` and `t`: `2s to 4s` `V_a = (5m-10m)/(4s-2s) = -2.5 m//s ` (d) `x`: `5m to -5m` and `t`: `4s to 7s` `V_a = (-5m-5m)/(7s-4s) = -3.3 m//s ` (a) `x`: `0m to 0m` and `t`: `0s to 8s` `V_a = (0m-0m)/(8s-0s) = 0 m//s `