Position,Displacement and Distance

A particle’s position `x` is the location of the particle with respect to a chosen reference point that we can consider to be the origin of a coordinate system. Example: Positions of a car Position of the car at various times Position-time graph The displacement `∆x` of a particle is defined as its change in position in some time interval. As the particle moves from an initial position `x_i` to a final position `x_f` , its displacement is given by `∆x = x_f - x_i` Displacement of the car from A to F: `∆x_(car) = -53 m - 30 m = -83 m` Distance is the length of a path followed by a particle. Distance traveled from A to F: `d_(a->f) = d_(a->b) + d_(b->f) ` `=(52-30) + (52-(-53))` `=22 + 105 = 127 m`